Saturday, March 8, 2008

Authors of Popular Fictions

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Popular Fiction is a term used to denote those works of fiction which are separate from literary fiction. In present days, Popular Fiction is often referred to as “Genre Fiction”. Genre is a term used to describe writings belonging to a same category. When a particular genre of work, like mystery, romance or horror, appeals to a particular mass of people, it is said to be categorized under popular or genre fiction. The genres keep on evolving and dividing with the changing tastes and demands of the readers. There are several varieties of popular fiction which had been popular since quite some time now.

The main branches of popular fiction includes:
Action Adventures – these books contain action packed adventures, violence set in either forbidden or exotic locations.

Detective Fiction – Detective fictions are often known as Mystery stories.

Crime fiction – These stories usually center around lives and views of criminals as well as crime plots.

Fantasy – life in fantasy world is the essence of these stories.

Horror Stories – these kind of stories aim at creating the emotions of fear or fascination among its readers.

Over the ages, several authors have specialized in writing these popular fictions. The authors of popular fiction specializes in writing about one particular genre, either romance or detective or crime fiction. The other genres of popular fiction include, Science fiction, thriller and western.

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