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Taslima Nasrin-Voice of Feminism

The following article presents the very latest information on Taslima Nasrin. If you have a particular interest in Taslima Nasrin, then this informative article is required reading.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there's more to Taslima Nasrin than you may have first thought.

Taslima Nasrin is the voice of Feminism.Feminism is a theory which deal with the inequalities in Gender. In accordance with the feminists , sex is biologically determined while gender is socially constructed. The feminists belonging to all the three periods. All the First Wave , Second Wave and third Wave feminists voice against the oppression, inequality and discrimination of women in the patriarchal society. All the feminist writers more or less focus on the unequal rights and oppression of women in Patriarchy. In the contemporary age, Taslima Nasrin is a a significant name in the world of feminist literature. Though he commenced her career in literature as a poet, Taslima Nasrin is basically known for the Bengali novels that she created. The novels of Taslima Nasrin emphasize on the backward position of women in the male-dominated society , and also focus on the human rights of women.

Taslima Nasrin took birth on 25th August in the year of 1962. Mymensingh in Bangladesh is her birthplace. Up to the year of 1994, Nasrin remained a government doctor. It is after this particular period that she took up her writing career. Many of the novel created by Taslima Nasrin has already undergone tremendous criticism and has given rise to a great lot of controversy mostly among the people of Muslim region. Even belonging to the Muslim religion, Taslima Nasrin has exhibited extreme guts to bring out the Muslim laws oppressing the Muslim women. Some of her renowned poems include Shikore Bipul Khudha , Balikar Gollachut , Jolopodyo, Nirbashito Bahire Ontore, Ay Kosto Jhepe, Jibon Debo Mepe, Atole Ontorin, Nirbashito Narir Kobita, and many others. There are considerable umber o novels created by Taslima Nasrin. They are Lajja, Oporpokkho, Phera , Forashi Premik, Shodh, and others. Apart from poems and novels, Nasrin has also written autobiographical works. Amar Meyebela and Dwikhondito are among the most celebrated autobiographical pieces written by Taslima Nasrin.

Tasilma Nasrin has received a considerable number of prestigious works for her literary excellence. In the in year of 1992, she received Ananda Award. Other awards received by Nasrin are Natyasava Award, Kurt Tucholsky Prize, and others. It is in the year of 1994 that she won the Feminist of the Year from Feminist Majority Foundation from USA.

As your knowledge about Taslima Nasrin continues to grow, you will begin to see how Taslima Nasrin fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.

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Homer-The Great Greek Author

Homer was the earliest known author of any epic in the history of literature. Homer is credited with the creation of Iliad and Odyssey, two of the greatest epics of all times. Though it is believed that these were composed by the rhapsodes of the 7th Century B.C in an oral tradition, Homer is credited with penning down these oral verses in a beautiful manner. Homer's work often ark the beginning of the Classical Antiquity.

Many mysteries shroud the birth and identity of Homer. There are many stories and theories regarding who Homer actually was and where did he belong to. It is said that once, the Oracle of Delphi was asked by the Emperor Hadrian, as to who Homer was.

The Oracle had replied that Homer was an Ithacan and was the son of Telemachus and Epikaste. According to several other tales, Homer was blind. Other stories tell of his origin to be Ionian. Many controversies also shroud the creation of the Iliad and the Odyssey. While the sheer volume of the Odyssey, dissuades few critics to believe that it was created by a single person, others believe that as the style of both the Iliad and the Odyssey are the same, their author must be the same as well. Many travelers to Greece have also noted their encounters with Homer, or refer to him.

The language used by Homer in Iliad and Odyssey belongs to the older version of Ionic Greek, with a mixture of other languages like Aeolic Greek. What strikes one while reading Iliad and Odyssey, is Homer's poetic brilliance. Matthew Arnold, who had translated Homer's works, opines that Homer is extremely fast paced in his approach. He also goes on to say that Homer had an extremely plain and direct approach in using his words as well as in constructing sentences. These great factors of Homer's style makes him unique.

Issac Babel-The soviet journalist

Issac Babel is a renowned soviet journalist, playwright and short story writer. Issac Babel,the great Russian author was born on 13th July in the year 1894 to a Jewish family of Odessa. At that time there was a social unrest due to which the jews were escaping from Russian empire. Issac Babel survived the 1905 pogrom with the help of Christian neighbors. In spite of receiving passing grade Isaac did not get to the preparatory class in Nicholas I Odessa Commercial School. Apart from the regular school subjects he studied Talmud and music at home. He also took interest in French language.

After graduating from Kiev Institute of Finance and business Issac Babel moved to Petrograd to defy the law that restricted Jews to stay Within Pale. Here he met famous Russian writer Maim Gorky.

His advice gave valuable insight to Babel. He faught on the communist side in the Russian Civil war. During the Russian Civil war he was appointed as a journalist to field Marhsal Semyon Budyonny's 1st Cavalry Army. Issac Babel witnessed the ravages of war and documented the horrifying account that he saw during the period in the 1920 war in 1920 Diary that he used to write Red Cavalry a semi documentary work with a mix of fiction. After the war was over Issac Babel came back in Odessa and wrote several short stories in th backdrop of Odessan Ghetto of Moldavanka. In these stories he described the life of Jewish underworld before and after the 1917 October Revolution.

Issac Babel witnessed the brutal collectivization of in the USSR in Ukraine. He afterwards withdrew himself form public eyes and was criticized by the government for doing that. After much request he got the chance to meet his family in France. Returning from France He joined hands with famous director Sergei Eisenstein on the film Bezhin Meadow. Issac Babel was arrested in May 1939 in cottage. He faced the trial, was found guilty ad was shot in the prison.

Edward Abbey-The famous American Author

Edward Abbey was a famous american author.The American author and essayist Edward Paul Abbey was born on January 29 1927 in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Edward Abbey is famous for his advocacy of environmental issues and criticism of public land policies. Edward Abbey’s best known work is The Monkey Wrench Gang which has inspired many radical environmental groups. His non-fiction work Desert Solitaire is also very famous.

In 1944 Edward Abbey moved west. He earned a masters degree in Philosophy from the University of New Mexico. He started working for the United States Park Service at Arches National Monument, Utah. It was during this time he penned Desert Solitaire. It became one of the greatest works of American literature and is regarded as the finest narration about nature. He has vividly described the physical beauty of Southern Utah. He also describes the mountains and the adventures in the canyon country. He had criticized the industrial development in the national parks which he termed as “industrial tourism”, rails against the Glen Canyon Dam, and on many other subjects.

Abbey was sometimes called “desert anarchist”. His novel was an inspiration to environmentalists frustrated with conventional methods of activism. He would also anger people for his comments on immigration and women. Abbey has harshly criticized the land developers, military-industrial complex, Chambers of Commerce, and energy companies for destroying the landscape.

Edward Abby died in 1989 at the age of 82 at his home in Arizona after suffering from esophageal hemorrhage. There was a lot of controversy following his death. He did not want to be buried in a coffin disregarding all state laws concerning burial. He wanted gunfire, loud and happy music, beer and boozing, lots of singing, dancing for his burial ceremony. He wanted his body to fertilize the soil and trees. His friends had honored his request. He has been buried in the Cabeza Prieta Desert in Pima County, Arizona. His friends have marked the place with a stone which reads

Edward Paul Abbey
No Comment

Edward Abbeys notable Works include


* Jonathan Troy (1954)
* Fire on the Mountain (1962)
* Black Sun (1971)
* The Monkey Wrench Gang (1975)
* Earth Apples: The Poetry of Edward Abbey (1994)


* Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness (1968)
* Appalachian Wilderness (1970)
* Cactus Country (1973)
* Confessions of a barbarian (1994)

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Aristotle-the greatest Greek Author

Aristotle was one of the greatest Greek Authors of the Classical age of Greek Literature. He was also a great philosopher and had the privilege of being the student of the great Greek Philosopher, Plato. Aristotle was born in 384 BC, in Stagira, in Northern Greece. After studying for 20 years at the academy opened by Plato, Aristotle went to Macedonia to teach King Philip's son, Alexander. After a span of few years, Aristotle returned to Athens and set up his own school at Lyceum.

Besides literature, Aristotle had expertise in almost all subjects that you could think of. The subjects that Aristotle had written on included, Physics, Metaphysics, logic, rhetoric, politics, ethics, government, biology and zoology.

Together with Socrates and Plato, Aristotle made Greek Philosophy, the founding stone of Western philosophy. Plato and Aristotle are credited with the founding of the most important Schools of Ancient Philosophy.

The greatest work of Aristotle, the philosopher was known as Organon. It is a collection of all the logical treatise that Aristotle had framed throughout his life. The main aim of these logical treatise of Aristotle was to form an universal method of reasoning, which would make it possible to learn everything about reality.

In his poetics, Aristotle gave an account of whatever he thought to be “poetry”. The term poetics, include lyric, epos and drama. In this book, Aristotle has tried to describe the various genres of what he calls “poetry”. In this book, tragedy takes the major share of space. Aristotle had used certain terms while describing poetry, in The Poetic, these are:

* Mimesis or 'imitation', 'representation'
* Katharsis or, variously, 'purgation', 'purification', 'clarification'
* Peripeteia or 'reversal'
* Anagnorisis or 'recognition'
* Hamartia or 'miscalculation' (understood in Romanticism as 'tragic flaw')
* Mythos or 'plot'
* Ethos or 'character'
* Dianoia or 'thought', 'theme'
* Lexis or 'diction', 'speech'
* Melos or 'melody'
* Opsis or 'spectacle'

african american authors Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison is one of the noted American authors known for her rich novels with African American characters. Born in February 1931 Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize winner. The best known novels are The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon, and Beloved. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for Beloved. Ladies Home Journal named her as The 30 Most Powerful Women in America in 2002.

Toni Morrison graduated in English from Howard in 1953 and did masters in English from Cornell University. After graduation she became an English instructor at Texas southern University in Houston. She wrote her first novel The Bluest Eyes about a black girl who longed for blue eyes. The novel was selected for Oprah’s Book Club in 2000. Her next novel Sula was nominated for the National Book Award in 1973. Toni’s third novel Song of Solomon won the National Book Critics Circle Award. In 1988 Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved won her the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Later Beloved was adopted as a film starring Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. In May 2006 the Beloved was named the best American novel in the last 25 years by New York Times.

Toni Morrison works mostly concentrate on African American women but she does not identify herself as a feminist. Toni Morrison has co written books for children along with her youngest son Slade Morrison. Toni Morrison was the first African American woman to won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993.

Toni Morrison taught English in two branches of the State University of New York. After 1990s Toni Morrison had regularly conducted creative writing workshops to students. In 1979 Bernard College awarded her its highest prestige, the Bernard Medal of Distinction. Later she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters by the Oxford University. Toni Morrison presently is in the editorial board of The Nation magazine. Toni Morrison played an important part in bringing African American literature to the forefront.

famous american author Arthur Miller

Arthur Asher Miller was born in October 17, 1915. Arthur Miller was a noted American Author and play writer. The most celebrated plays of all times written by Arthur Miller are The Crucible, Death of a Salesman, A View from the Bridge and All My Sons are still studied and performed worldwide. Arthur Miller was always in controversy firstly for refusing giving evidence in the House Un-American Activities Committee and then for marrying Marilyn Monroe.

Arthur Miller was born to affluent Jewish-American parents in New York City. Miller at first graduated in journalism from the University of Michigan and started working for Michigan Daily as a journalist. During this time he wrote No Villain for which he got the Avery Hopwood Award. In 1938 he again graduated in English and continued to write plays for the radio. In 1940 he married his college sweetheart Mary Slattery. They had two children, Jane and Robert. Robert later became the producer of the movie version of The Crucible in 1996.

In 1944 Arthur Miller wrote The Man Who Had All the Luck which was produced in New York. It won the Theater Guild’s National Award but it was not a successful play. It was in 1947 when he wrote All My Sons. The play was a huge success and ran for 328 performances. All My Sons received the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and 2 Tony Awards. Miller built a small studio in Roxbury, Connecticut. During the same time he wrote Death of a Salesman for which he received the Pulitzer Prize a Tony Award for best Play. The Play ran for 742 performances.

In 1956 Miller divorced his wife and married Marilyn Monroe after a brief affair with her. The most publicized work of his was After the Fall which was staged in ANTA Theatre in Washington Square. In 1983 Miller went to China where his work Death of a Salesman was staged which was a huge success. In 2002 he won the Principe de Asturias Prize for Literature. His final play was Finishing the Picture opened at Goodman Theater, Chicago.

On February 10 2005 Arthur Miller died at the age of 89 at his home in Roxbury. Spanning over seven decades Arthur Miller is considered one of the greatest dramatists of 20th Century America.

Charles Dickens-famous europian author of victorian england

Any discussion about the finest European Authors of the Victorian England would surely remain incomplete without a discussion on famous author Charles Dickens. She is one of the most famous Victorian writers of English literature. Charles Dickens was born in the year 1756 in Portsmouth in Hampshire district of England. The major works of Charles Dickens are mainly set in the back drop of post industrialized England are have received accolades for their florid social realism and and dexterous portrayal of characters with a satirical comic touch.

The first novel of Charles Dickens was Pickwick Papers which was published in the year 1936 Among the famous novels of Charles Dickens the most well acclaimed perhaps is the autobiographical David Copperfield.

David Copperfield is considered as a all time great novel of English literature. In David Copperfield Charles Dickens made skillful use of a elaborate epic like plot and autobiographical elements which presents the stories of a number of denizens of a the post industrialization England. The other major works of Charles Dickens include novels like Great Expectations,Little Dorrit, Bleak House and Tale of Two Cities. Most of the novels of Charles Dickens are set on the backdrop of contemporary urban England.

One of the dominant themes of the works of Charles Dickens is social maladies of Victorian England like Child Labor, and economic exploitations by entrepreneurs poverty and social stratification of Victorian society. Not other author apart from Bernard Shaw has drawn such lucid and vivid picture of the maladies of the Victorian England. However there are historical novels of Charles Dickens like Tale of Two Cities which is set in France at the eve of French Revolution This novel is a fine testimony to the wider reading and versatility of Charles Dickens. Famous author Charles Dickens was not only highly successful author commercially but she won accolades for his dexterous use of autobiographical element, limited social realism, his satire and his fine use of incredulous coincidence.

Rabindranath Tagore - Famous author

Rabindranath Tagore is a celebrated name in the the history of literature. This celebrated Bengali writer exhibited his expertise in many artistic fields. He is the creator of a huge number of novels, dramas, poems, travelogues, short stories, essays, and many others literary genres. Apart from literature, he created many songs ( Rabindrasangeet), and paintings. He is mostly known for his exquisite poems which are characterized by its remarkable rhythm, style and lyric. Rabindranath Tagore has touched upon, more or less, all the subject matter under the sun, to create his poetry. He is the first Bengali to have received the prestigious noble prize. He was awarded the noble prize for his Gitanjali.

Rabindranath Tagore did not have any formal education. He did not go to school. Whatever education he acquired , he acquired at home. It is at the age of eight that Rabindranath wrote poem for the first time. It is at the age of sixteen that he began his creation of drama and short story. A total number of eight novels are created by Tagore. These are , Ghare Baire, Chaturanga, Char Odhay, Shesher Kobita, and Noukadubi. The theme of Indian nationalism gets expression in many of his novels. Apart from this, his patriotism is reflected in a considerable number of poems written by Rabindranath tagore. The songs created by Rabindranath Tagore, popularly known as Rabindrasangeet, are based on a variety of themes under the sun. Rabindrasangeet is considered to be the treasure of Bengali culture. Almost all sorts of human emotions are dealt with in these songs created by Rabindranath. Rabindrasangeet are often used by many leading film directors in their films.

Some of the celebrated singers of this particular kind of music are Debabrata Biswas, Hemanta Mukherjee, Sagar Sen, Suchitra Mitra, Kanika Bandopadhyay, Sraboni Sen, Srikanto Acharya. The National anthem of India -” Jana Gana Mana Odhi Nayak Jaya He” is written by Rabindranath Tagore.