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George Eliot -Famous European Author

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If we are talking about the greatest European Authors of the Victorian Era then George Eliot would surely top the list. Mary Ann Evans is the real name of George Eliot. She is one of the most famous Victorian writers of English literature. Her novels set in the back drop of provincial England are have received accolades for their realism and psychological insight and faithful portrayal of her characters. Mary Ann Evans was born in 22 November 1819. She adopted the androgynous pen name of George Eliot to escape the contemporary prejudice against female writers and and to ensure that her works were taken seriously by the critics.

Among the famous novels of George Eliot the most well acclaimed perhaps is Middlemarch. Middlemarch is considered as a path breaking novel in the is a turning point in the history of the novel. In Middlemarch George Eliot made masterful use of a counterpointed plot which presents the stories of a number of denizens of a small English town on the eve of the Reform Bill of 1832. The other major works of George Eliot include novels like Adam Bede, Mill on the Floss, Silas Mariner and Romola. Most of the novels of George Eliot are set on the backdrop of contemporary rural England.

One of the dominant themes of the works of George Eliot is social persecution of individuals and the hypocrisies of rural society. Not other author apart from Jane Austen has drawn such lucid and vivid picture of the maladies of the provincial English society. However there are historical novels of George Eliot like Romola which is set in 15th century Florence and touching on the lives of several real persons such as the priest Girolamo Savonarola. This novel displays her wider reading and interests. In The Spanish Gypsy George Eliot made a foray into verse but initial popularity of this work did not endure.

Famous author George Eliot was not only very successful author commercially but she won profuse praise for her style and clarity of thought. The Eliot's sentence structures are lucid, patient, and well balanced, and she mixes plain statement and striking irony with an awe inspiring poise. Her commentaries are never without satirical and without human sympathy for the characters, and she never stoops to being arch or frivolous with the emotions in her stories. Villains, heroines and bystanders are all presented with awareness and full human insight. Stay connected to get more information about European Authors.

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